Welcome to my Home Page!
I hope you will find it useful
and interesting.


Now briefly about me...

I am Carlos Frasser a Math Teacher.

I was born in Colombia in 1960. After secondary school, I studied in the faculty of Mathematics at Universidad Incca in Bogota, Colombia. After graduation from Universidad Incca, I worked in different schools and universities as a teacher for four years. Then I enrolled in Odessa State Polytechnic University, Ukraine, where I studied for seven years. I took courses and seminaries in philosophy, mathematical modeling, combinatorial theory, graph theory and algorithms, defended my Ph.D. thesis, and completed my doctorate. I was lucky to meet such important people in Science as professors G. N. Vostrov, A. A. Zykov, V. G. Vizing (Ukraine), and H. A. Jung (Germany).

After graduation from Odessa Polytechnic University, I returned to Colombia and worked in Bogota for four years as an assistant professor at Universidad Incca and Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria.

Currently, I live and work in Toronto, Canada. I have been working in my immediate project: To publish a book on K-Geodetic Graphs and their applications.